March 2012

iPad3 & AppStrap Pilot Kneeboard Flying High!

by admin-appstrap on 20/03/2012 · 0 comments

The response to the iPad3 so far has been far-out. Individual pilots, crews, 135’s, even whole airports are moving the iPad. What product overwhelmed aviation like the iPad? Give us a comment squawk with your thoughts!

Team AppStrap has seen a similarly positive trend with the advent of the first flying weather of the season and this new and improved tablet by Apple. Our design goal is still to impose minimal “stuff” to the beautiful work Apple has done. Whether you’re flying with a case or a bare iPad – the AppStrap has a kneeboard for you!

Thanks for supporting us folks. It tells us we’re on the right track.

If you have any comments or feedback for us call or write anytime.

The AppStrap Team!

iPad3 Pilot Kneeboard, Design & Overheating

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In the course of our product testing for the iPad2 and most recently the iPad3, our test pilots and beta flyers report that the low profile of the AppStrap’s clips don’t impact airflow and cooling of the tablet while in flight. Especially compared to the larger bulky case/kneeboard combos!

Case / kneeboards that wrap around the entire product all but eliminate airflow and the ability of the iPad to cool itself. This issue is more pronounced with the iPad3 and the early reports of excessive heat in one corner.

Due to the design of the AppStrap’s clip and the ability to slide the strap to one edge or another and use in landscape or portrait mode, breathability is not a problem our customers encounter.

Great design sometimes has unintended ‘positive’ consequences.

Thank you to our beta-tester and test pilots for your valuable feedback.

We welcome posts of YOUR feedback on our site. Let us know what you’re flying, where and how the AppStrap helps you.


Team AppStrap

iPad3 AppStraps rolling off the line

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A new batch of AppStraps for the new iPad3 are due any day. Place your order today.

Call us at 720.336.0277 to order by phone. Our new store is open. Check us out on your iPad or iPhone!!!

The AppStrap for iPad2 & iPad3 is made of the same high-quality aircraft aluminum and webbing of our original product. Because the Velcro joint is exactly the same, your pilots can switch between different iPad’s in seconds without buying a new leg harness. Great for fleet sales with multiple pilots!!!